IRCTC’s SMS based railway ticket booking service

mobilesmsIRCTC’s ambitious SMS-based ticketing system is a true fact now. The service aims to empower the common man who do not know how to have access to internet and can’t afford to buy costly smartphones.This system will prove beneficial to labourers and workers while booking tickets to their native towns.

This SMS-based ticket service is be availed through two numbers – 139 and 5676714. Those who want to book tickets they can send a SMS to 139 but they have to first register the mobile numbers with IRCTC and their banks. Over 30 banks are offering this facility . Users will receive an MMID or Mobile Money Identifier and OTP ( one time password) from the bank for payment authorization. This SMS service is available to all mobile subscribers.

Here are the steps of how you can book a railway ticket through SMS:-
1) This SMS-based ticket service can be got through two numbers – 139 and 5676714.
2) To book the ticket, an SMS have to be sent in this format –
BOOK [TrainNo][FromStn.Code][ToStn.Code] [TravelDate (DDMM)][Class][Passenger-Name][Age][M/F]
3)Sending this SMS to 139. users will receive the Transaction ID along with other details to make the payment.Then they have to send an SMS to 139 in the following format –
PAY [Transaction ID as received][IMPS][Your MMID as received from the bank][OTP ][IRCTCUserID]

Other alternative

1) Users need to book the tickets by sending an SMS to 5676714.
2) They have to register their mobile number with IRCTC and m-wallet, then send an SMS to 5676714 in this way:-
START [irctc user Id]
3) To book the ticket, users have to send an SMS to 5676714 in this manner –
BOOK[From station code],[to station code],[DDMMYY], [Train no],[Class],[passenger name],[age],[MorF]
4) As they have sent the SMS, users will receive the transaction number on their phones. A second SMS have to be sent to make the payment. its format is as: –
PAY [transaction no], MPAY, [m-PIN] for authorizing payment by MPAY
PAY [mobileno],[mmid],[amount],[transaction Id],[OTP] for authorizing payment through IMPS.
Once they’ve made the payment, users will receive the booking confirmation SMS on their phone.

The SMS ticketing service is to be done through BSNL SIM, a Java-enable phone and an Andhra Bank Prepaid card. This system in is a menu-based one, means the user will enter details in a step-by-step process. To register, they will have first install the application and select the icon “Register” option to get the M pin. To book tickets through BSNL, users will first click the BSNL Prepaid Card icon and select Ticketing > Train (IRCTC).
They have to provide the details of their journey such as
• the name of their starting station and destination stations
• train number
• date of their travel
• class
• quota
• passenger details.

The benefits:-
1) The booking of tickets is mainly suitable for those who desn’r know how to access internet.
2) This is the most easy and this process can be used by everybody.
3) The problem of booking tickets is being overcome by just a SMS.
4) This process is time effective.
5) People will not stand in long queues just to book a ticket.
6) People will not have to depend on internet, as it may work slow and your other works may be delayed because of the speed of internet.

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