how to prevent diabetes-easy steps to cure

Diabetes is on the rise and nowadays most of the cases are preventable if one lives a healthy lifestyle. To prevent and to control diabetes it doesn’t mean that one need to live in deprivation.  Eating right is important. If you have recently diagnosed and you are at risk or doctor says to lose weight then there is nothing to worry as small changes can bring big results. The biggest risk of developing diabetes is being overweight. Risk increases if you carry your weight around your abdomen as this type of fat is linked to insulin resistance and diabetes. Many studies have shown that waist size is a better predictor of diabetes risk than body mass. So to know the risk some conditions are there like:-

◾ A woman have a waist circumference of 35 inches or more

◾ A man have a waist circumference of 40 inches or more

Some doctors and experts say that to control diabetes especially Indians need to follow some quick recipes like:-

– One teaspoon of Methi seeds should be soaked overnight in a 100 ml of water. This is very effective in controlling diabetes.

– Drink tomato juice with a bit of salt and pepper every morning on an empty stomach.

– Intake 6 almonds (soaked overnight) which is also very helpful in keeping a check on diabetes.

-Whole grains, oats, Atta made of Chana and other high fiber foods must be included in the meals.

-Milk contains both carbohydrates and proteins which helps control the blood sugar levels.

-High fiber vegetables like peas, broccoli, beans and spinach must be included in one’s diet.

-Pulses which contain husk and sprouts are a healthy option and should be a part of the diet. As their effect on blood glucose is much less than that of the other carbohydrate containing foods.

-Fats like Omega 3 and MUFA must be consumed as they are low in cholesterol and are trans-fat free. Its natural sources are flax seed oil, canola oil, fatty fish and nuts.

-Fruits like papaya, apple, orange and guava which are high in fiber, should be consumed.

Some myths are there like:-

– One must avoid sugar at all costs.

-A high-protein diet is the best.

– One has to cut way down on carbs.

To control diabetes one need to do 3things that is:-

-Be smart about sweets

-Choose fats wisely





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