How Early to Rise and Early to bed is good for children’s IQ

Early to rise early to bed

Nowadays every parent knows that “early to rise and early to bed, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. All the parents of young children know it well that failing to get a good night’s sleep will leave them feeling irritated and tired. But if this process will continue for years then a far more serious problem can occur. This has been proved by the researchers and they also claimed that disturbed sleep patterns can cause impairment of memory, shrink the brain activity and raise the stress level. This may cause illnesses, ranging from aches and pains which will lead to heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, which is similar to permanent jet lag.


A child who sleep less than eight hours their IQ level gets lower day by day. Researchers have found that upsetting the body clock can keep levels of glucose and fat in the blood dangerously high after meal. Due to this children are not able to concentrate in their studies and they remain dosing and are absent minded during school hours. They will miss their studies and will not be able to understand the subject matter that had been taught that day. And their results will not be satisfactory. They will remain dull all the time and as they grow up eventually they will start feeling it but there will be no time for them to increase and develop their IQ level as it can done at the age of 4-8yrs. Some mothers are working ladies so in this case their father should take care of the children’s sleeping habits. The mothers also need to compromise as this late night sleeping habit can become a life taking disease as their children grow up.


Being tired in the morning, by sleeping during the day time and not at night time forces change in the level of hormones like melatonin in your body. It can also increase the chance of heart attack if done continuously. As well as people that work at night are also less mentally stable and are far less reliable. They perform the same at their job all throughout the night  but when this performance was compared with the people having regular sleep schedule then it showed that work done at late night is underperforming. So this matter must be taken seriously by the parents without ignoring it as the matter is about their own children and ignorance of the parents will be paid by the children as they grow up.

image courtesy of Maciej Halucha at Flickr


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