Heart attack in young and middle-aged professionals.

Heart Attack and heart beats cardiogram background

Now a days heart disease is occurring in 20’s and 30’s aged people. This is now not restricted to only middle aged people. People who all doesn’t do any physical activity, have unhealthy eating habits and do long hours of work at the desk will cause serious harm

According to the India Today-Saffolalife Study which was conducted on 46,000 urban Indians, 78% of them are aged between 30 and 34 are having the risk of a heart attack. Few months ago, a 30-year-old TV actor Abir Goswami and a 20-plus Kannada actor Hemanth died because of a heart attack. So there isn’t any specific profession heart disease can happen to anybody. But professionals are saying that people who tend to sit and do work for hours and hours are more likely to suffer from heart disease. So specially the people in IT and BPO sector falls under this category. Though every sector or department contributes stress but those in IT companies are more stressed and suffer from heart disease. But not only stress can cause heart disease smoking and drinking is also an important factor among youngsters which increases the risk of cancer. This generally occurs due to hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes are some of the factors.

To prevent yourself from heart attack one should not ignore certain physical signs. Like if any body is becoming very restless then take the person to a shade and tell to take long deep breaths and try make them calm. If that person is wearing tight clothes then loosen it up, then get aspirin tablet and chew it well. If you are thinking that it is an heart attack then immediately call for an emergency. In some cases there is a family history and has high risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes then regula checkups are must. But this checks must be done by everybody to keep yourself fit. Heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart gets blocked.  In such cases Emergency angiogram is done and the blockage which causes the heart attack is diagnosed. The blockage is omitted and a stent is being placed across the area. After a first attack people are kept in strict regulations like healthy eating, regular exercise etc. So try to keep yourself healthy at any cost or else you have to pay the cost.

image courtesy of Ronny Richet at Flickr

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