Healthy Diet For Diabetics

diabetic fpodsHealthy diet for diabetics is an essence to a healthy living. In a disease like that of diabetes small changes are equal to big results. This is possible if the person tries to live a healthy lifestyle. For a diabetic it is a must to lose weight, eat healthy fibrous food and maintain a routine.

There is a myth regarding the healthy diet for diabetic i.e. they should not eat sugary foods, high protein food is a must, cut down on carbs, special diabetic meals should be taken etc. are some myths. Rather people should eat food carbs that are packed with fiber and don’t spike with blood sugar levels.

Foods Recommended

Less consumed food Must consumed food
White potatoesSweet potatoes
White riceBrown rice
Instant oatmealRolled oats
Regular pastaWhole wheat pasta
White breadBrown bread
Sugary cerealHigh fiber cereal
Pastries Bran muffin

Diabetes diet:-

The foods like oats, grains, channa atta and other high fiber foods must be included in the meals.

Pulses effect on blood glucose is less than most other carbohydrate containing foods

Vegetables like beans, peas, broccoli and leafy vegetables should be included.

Milk is a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins and helps control blood sugar levels it should be taken daily.

Vegetables that are rich in fiber helps to lower the blood sugar levels.

Fruits such as papaya, apple, orange, pear and guava are high in fiber. They must be consumed.

Good fat foods that include Omega 3 and MUFA must be consumed as they are good for the body.

People should take care of their own-self. Following a diet is must but exercise is also important like the food. Daily exercise should be done to control diabetes and also other diseases.

Diabetes diet during fasting:-

People those who are having diabetes must be very careful when they go for fasting. They should medically get assessed then fast. According to doctors people those are insulin dependent (type-1) should not fast at all. People who have insulin resistance (type-2) type diabetes also fall at the risk of complications like low and high blood sugar, thrombosis and dehydration.
The necessary foods to be taken by the diabetes patients when they fast are like chapatti, ragi balls and cereal-based combinations. Dates must be cosumed as they are non seasonal and contains lot of vitamins. Citrus fruits must be taken during the breaking of fast. Beverages, dairy products and oily foods should be avoided while breaking the fasting.

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