Fatty foods are the cause of Depression

2182978013_8513d64245Depression is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness. Depression affects the person feelings, thinking and behaviour. The foods that we eat have an incredible effect upon our bodies and mind. It have the capacity to nurture, give energy, improve our mood and make us feel good. They also can leave us feeling fatigued, depressed and worn out.  There are many foods that deplete us and often leave us feeling depressed and sad, mainly fatty foods are the cause of depression.

Different forms of depression are:-

•           Major depressive disorder (major depression)

•           Dysthymic disorder (dysthymia)

•           Psychotic depression

•           Postpartum depression (postnatal depression)

•           SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

•           Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness)

Symptoms of depression:-

•           Feeling of sadness, anxiety.

•           Feeling of pessimism sets in.

•           Experiences constant irritability.

•           Eating habits may change.

•           Sleep patterns are disturbed.

•           Level of energy is low and then fatigue sets in.

•           The person feels hopeles restless

•           The sufferer complain about aches and pains, headaches, digestive problems.

This is not the first time  that junk and fatty foods has been linked to the negative effects in the brain. Foods that are high in saturated fat like hamburgers, ice cream, cheese and butter cause inflammation throughout the body.  And this inflammation cause changes that lead to negative moods. Fatty acids which are present in these foods change proteins in brains which lead to emotional changes. This in turn affects emotional stability, anxiety and will further cause depression.

Some foods that are the cause of depression are:-

* Foods that are high in sodium.

*foods that contain Artificial sweeteners.

*High fructose corn syrup or processed sugars.

* Content of fluoride in water.

* Alcohol intake.

Eating junk and fatty foods can change the brain, spurring symptoms of anxiety and can cause depression if  it is stopped consuming. Before obesity occurs, eating fatty and sugary foods causes chemical changes in the brain, which means that going on a diet is similar to going through drug withdrawal. So from it we can know that fatty foods are the cause of depression


Foods to be taken to avoid depression are:-


•           An omelet- Proteins in eggs helps feel satisfied longer, stabilizing blood sugar.

•           Cold-water fish- Fatty fish contain the omega-3 fatty acid, which increases the membrane quality and nerve function of in the                brain. It is also a good  source of lean protein, which helps in stabilizing blood sugar.

•           Nuts and seeds- Nuts are good source of protein and healthy fats. It is a healthy alternative for snacks but take unsalted and unsweetened varieties. Salt and sugar coated one’s don’t add any health benefits but rather it makes us overeat because they set up cravings in the brain for more.

So high levels of antioxidants which are present in fruits and vegetables must be consumed because it protects the brain against depression, as does the folates which are found in broccoli, cabbage, lentils, spinach and chickpeas. So by eating these nutritious foods we can lessen the cause of depression.

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