Efforts made by chemical industries in protecting our enviroment

Some of the chemical industries of New York like Kigali, Rwanda, Honeywell and DuPont have vowed to develop an environment friendly chemical alternative of the most profitable chemical CFCs ,as soon as possible. These cholo-fluro carbons have been the base of each and every air-conditioned and refrigerated businesses. It seems as if they have a bet among themselves to quickly develop an environment friendly chemical. The most surprising fact is that they have not taken such a move by idealism, rather for the intense competition among the chemical industries all over the world. Well, for the environmentalists they are happy saying that this discover of an environment friendly chemical would be followed by all others. It’s like a major step for one and all such type of industries.

For years, these CFCs have been the base of air-conditioning and refrigeration businesses as well as in cleaning products and aerosol. According to the environmentalists and scientists ,they say CFCs deplete the ozone layer, which protects us from sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This thing of matter was discussed between these chemical industries and the environmentalists in order to find out a better alternative to this chemical compound as a base for ACs and refrigerators. But then then these chemical factories reacted to the matter by saying that their researchers have tried their best ; but there wasn’t any alternative environmental friendly chemical.

Based upon the above facts, many countries started banning this chemical. In 1987, an agreement was made as Montreal protocol to ban out these chemicals. at that an alternative compound known as HFCs were found out with 1000 times more heat trapping potency as that of CO2, but that was protested by these environmentalists to be banned.

Countries like Europe and USA took vigorous efforts to ban out these CFCs being used in automobiles. They said that they would give credits to these automobile makers if they switched to a better alternative.

Honeywell ,an america based MNC is going to set up its branch in north of Shanghai in china where the researchers of the MNC are all set boost an environment friendly alternative ,known as HFO-1234yf. It has spent $900 million on finding an alternative coolant program. In its partnership in a bid with the Obama administration to highly support the Montreal agreement ,they are saying that the sales of this newly alternative program and compound are rising too fast thus giving them huge profit. Mr Kenneth Gayer, the vice president of this company said that they have now aligned with the environment after many years of research of such an environment friendly alternative.They said that they had started this research long ago when people had not yet started talking about global warming.

Not only one such alternatives are there now, compounds like propane and ammonia are also being used  as alternatives. Companies like Coco-Cola ,are now using HFC-free cooling vendors in India.

Daikin, a chemical manufacturer which mainly is a manufacturer of air-conditioning hardware ;makes HFC32 which has less impact on global warming .The company is based in Japan ,and it makes this compound for the markets in India. Its a low-cost compound.

Therefore, it seems as if one of the sectors like this one the chemical factories are trying their best to make the world environment friendly. http://www.chinmaypatel.net/global-climatic-issues/

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