Citrus fruits used for glowing face

citrus fruitCitrus fruits are nothing but acidic fruits. , it is believed that these fruits originated 8000 years ago near South-East Asia. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E. Citrus fruit trees are also known as ornamental trees because they have colour, flavor, fragrance and juice. These ornamental trees give rise to the citrus fruits of various sizes ranging from small to large to oval.
The bright coloured citrus fruits are orange, lemon and lime. These fruits are used for glowing our face and skin. The citrus fruits are antioxidants which freshen, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. The citrus fruits contain many therapeutic benefits because of their detoxifying nature which helps lighten the skin color, make our face glow and reduce discoloration and scars present in the skin. Citrus fruits contain alpha hydroxyl which acts as a exfoliating ingredient. The juices are astringent so they help in treating oily skin and acne. The citrus fruit juice cleanses, unblock the pores and are used for glowing face as it helps to shed dead skin cells. To close pores and to eliminate blackheads rub citrus fruit over the skin. Some citrus fruits that can be used in different ways  are:-
• Lime juice: Squeeze a lime and add it to a glass of warm water with honey in it. Mix the contents well with a spoon and drink it every morning in empty stomach.
• Lemon: By simply rubbing a peeled lemon on our skin can help us get a glowing face or skin. But should not be used for long and must be rubbed gently , or else it can cause rashes in our skin.
• Orange: The peels of the orange can be used as a natural scrub. The peels are dried up and then grinded. The powder is being mixed with water and then applied on skin.
• Orange juice: the orange juice is used for anti wrinkle skin treatment and also act as an antioxidant for oily skin. Just gently use the juice on the skin and massage it nicely.

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