Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

5812858349_6253e05e6bNowadays social media is playing a vital role in human being’s life. As networking with people has become important, so to make the interaction between people easy social networking sites are being used. With the help of these sites we are able to connect with our near and dear ones, many are able to do online marketing, recent news are being updated etc. these are few examples that has made social sites like Facebook very popular.As we all know if anything is done in excess then it causes harm like Facebook it has some of its pons and cons. So let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of Facebook:-

Advantages of using Facebook:-

1. No technical skill needed

To use Facebook people doesn’t need to acquire any specific skill to access it. It is being made in such a way that anybody and everybody can access it without facing any problem. Even children and old people are able to use it so it isn’t age specific and no skills are required.

2. Sharing Of Information

Through Facebook we can share our feelings or what’s happening in our daily life. We can get feedback or advice from our friends who can solve our problem or confusion. It also gives freedom to share with others what we desire to share like pictures, videos etc., we can ask for public opinion, ask question if required etc. It is the best medium to share our feelings and thoughts with others.


3. Interaction with people

Facebook provides a chatting application which people use to chat with their friends who are on Facebook. Due to this many kids gain social confidence by interacting with their friends and different types of people. Through this students and kids are able to overcome their timid nature. Now a day’s Facebook is also being used in schools, so that teachers can keep contact and are used as out of classroom discussion. Many students use Facebook chat for group discussions, while some business people use it for short meetings.

4. Brings people together

Facebook is also used for family gathering as it facilitates open communication. By using Facebook we can find our old friends, colleagues from whom we have lost contact and are able to connect with them when they are online. Facebook’s friend find feature allows us to find our friends with their names or email address.

5. Business Promotion

Through Facebook Ads and Fans page, businessmen can advertise their business. Facebook has many pop up showing different job opportunity which are very easy to use and is cost effective. Facebook Ads allows people to connect with people of specific age, geographic location, interests, etc. making ads useful and effective.

6. Boredom Killer

Facebook is a boredom killer, especially for students who are in holidays, vacations and are retired people. With this people don’t get bored. That is why it is massively being used by people of all ages.


Facebook is the most used social networking website in the world. It has many benefits but there are many disadvantages also. disadvantages of Facebook are:-

1. Identity theft

Facebook is vulnerable to attacks. Several hackers actively alter the people’s profile info, on daily basis. Lots of pics are uploaded on Facebook and some pics are spam. Some hackers steal the identity proof and even change the actual info without the notice of the person.If we share too much of details then it will cause harm to us and not giving any info will keep others away from us, as they will not know who we are and from where we are.

2.  Wastage of time

The biggest disadvantage of Facebook is that, it is very addictive.  Once you get connected with your friends you will not at all realize how frequently you open Facebook and will not know how much time we are spending in commenting, viewing other’s pictures, playing games or doing other stuff. Many people know the pons and cons of using Facebook but still they can’t help themselves from wasting time.

3. Ruining the Professional Life

People who are applying for a new job have the chance to lose it because of their profile in Facebook. Because in some company employ’s search for applicant profile and check their details and their timeline from which they come to know what type of person that applicant is. So it is a serious warning to all the job seekers.

As a coin has its two sides in that way advantages and disadvantages of Facebook are there which must be taken care.

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