10 Fun Ways To Stay In Shape And Get Healthy

The word exercise means the physical activity that is done to stay in shape or maintain our body. But the definition of exercise doesn’t include boredom. To stay in shape and get healthy is difficult but not for  peoples who structure their exercise regimen which fit their life and interests. By applying this technique one can enjoy it and will like to stick with it. There are many ways to make exercise a fun. Here are 10 fun ways to stay in shape and get healthy.

 *Salsa dancing can help keep us fit

Salsa Dance for Health

Salsa dancing provides health benefit apart from enjoyment and fun. Actually dancing is an heart healthy activity. Salsa dancing can improve strength, increase energy, tone up the muscles, decrease blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and the most important benefit  is, it can manage weight. By dancing one can reduce about 300 to 600 calories. It can quickly make you stay in shape.

*Hiking is the sporty way to keep fit

hiking to stay healthy

Hiking simply means walking for recreational purposes. It is the journey more important than the Destination. Hiking are of  many types like backpacking, trekking, bush walking, trailing etc . It can keep you healthy and will make you stay in shape. Hiking can improve muscular fitness, cardiac-respiratory fitness, lower the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, reduces depression level. If children’s are also practicing hiking then there is less chances of them becoming overweight, lessens the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and also avoids type 2 diabetes in them. It can be mostly enjoyed if gone in groups may it be with family or friends.

*Cycling is the easiest way to shape up

cycling good for healthCycling is one of the easiest and the simplest form of exercise. To make it more fun, try to enroll yourself by forming a group of friends or participate in cycling tours conducted in the city. With this you won’t be able to get bored and can stay in shape. It increases the stamina level, tones up the muscles, reduces stress, improves heart health and lessens up the chances of obesity.                                                                                              

*Scuba diving is the effective way to be in shape.

scuba diving helps us stay fitIn scuba diving physical fitness is directly affected because it is one of the best way of aerobic and anaerobic work. While swimming we move against the natural pressure of the water. During swimming we try to take long, deep and slow breaths to conserve air and try to inhale oxygen effectively. While swimming many body movements are being done due to this it firms up the thighs, strengthens back muscles, eats calories, improves lung capacity etc. this scuba diving will enhance our body to stay in shape and remain healthy.

*Horse riding is the recreational way to stay in shape.

horse riding is a recreational way to stay fitHorse riding is an outdoor recreational activity. It is a sport that is far from an idle and passive activity. This is being practiced because it keeps good health and is beneficial to the rider. It is an exercise by itself which does both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning. It has both physical and mental benefits. In this having a good posture on the back of the horse for an extended period of time, will translates to a better posture. It improves balance and coordination. The sense of enjoyment lowers the stress level which comes from the joy of riding and also helps feel connected when in outdoors.

*Aqua jogging- A safe way to be fit.

water jogging good for healthIt is a form of endurance training that will strengthen the joints and muscle. As it is being done in water so there is no risk of getting hurt. It boosts up aerobic capacity. As water lacks the gravitational pull of land, so to stay upright it requires opposing of muscles for every action. It is like the resistance training without weights. Wecan say that it is an easy and safe way to stay in shape as well as get healthy.

*Trampoline exercise is the rapid way to Shape up.

trampolineThe magnitude of the bio-mechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline as compared to running as it involves strength and cardiac training. It helps burn calories which will reduce body fat and will keep body in shape. If these exercises are done with a friend then it will lessen up the stress of doing exercise which will decrease and rapid weight loss will happen.

* Cleaning and household chores for about 30 mins daily

388611786_78422a5cb4_mHousehold chores are the daily works that are done in day to day life. The jobs which are included in daily household chores are like gardening, climbing stairs, raking leaves, bringing shopping bags to home, washing car, cleaning or mopping the floor etc. These household jobs will stretch and tone up the muscles, and will burn up to 315 calories if done for an hour. These chores are better than daily practicing of hard gym workout. So this must be practiced to stay in shape and also remain healthy.

*Try to go on fitness-oriented holidays

swimming pool in hotelAccording to most of the peoples a vacation is taking a break and relaxing in a hotel or a resort. As in this type of places snorkeling, water-skiing, aqua dancing are possible and in doing this activities surely there will be weight loss. Going to holidays will also decrease the high blood pressure,boosts up the immune system which gives an effective benefit to our body by keeping it in shape.

* Wake-boarding is a fun exercise


Wake- boarding is a combination of water surfing and water boarding technique. It is a type of water skiing. In it a sizable wake board is  rided over the sea or top of water. Through this ride we are able to develop a good balance, build lower and upper body muscle, get core strength, and enhances stamina. It also burns up fat while building muscles and also helps us stay in shape. It is a fun exercise.


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